Hobbies That Are Real Adventures

Anyone that wants to fill their spare time by doing something exciting will often look at what they can take up as a hobby. For some, they may want something that will allow them to spend more time outdoors. For them, they may want to consider some scuba diving. Then for others, they prefer something that they can enjoy around the home. For those in this category, they may want to make decorating and accessorizing their home a hobby.

Home Decorating Tips

For those who are passionate about decorating and accessorizing their home, the first thing they are going to want to do is to source out some great resources like Royal Design which will not only provide them with all the items they need but will spur their creativity. Aside from this, there are additional resources that can be used to collect some exciting ideas.

Some additional tips are:

  • Proper Planning: To avoid confusion starting with a detailed plan of how each room is going to be decorated and accessorized will help keep everything organized. Plus it will allow continuity from one room to another. Most people who are into the hobby of home decorating and accessorizing like to develop a theme.
  • Setting A Budget: Another important step to make sure that a budget is set for any project that is going to be undertaken.

Scuba Diving Tips

For those who have made the decision to go with scuba diving as their hobby, they will first want to do some research to determine if this is the right choice for them. It should begin by checking out what is available to them in their area. Although there are some who like to reserve this hobby for the times that they are taking holidays in different regions.

For beginners taking proper lessons and making sure the right equipment is purchased is something else to consider.

No matter which hobby is chosen, they are both capable of providing some exciting adventures. There is nothing to say that anyone has to limit themselves to one or the other. There is no reason why they can’t enjoy both.

Finer Things; the Scuba Lifestyle

Adventurous people are attracted to scuba diving because it lets them plumb the depths of the ocean, interact with exotic marine life, and test the limits of their physical endurance. But there is also a particular lifestyle associated with scuba diving, characterised by an appreciation for the finer things life has to offer.

Upscale Interior Décor from Royal Design

Due to the exacting nature of most scuba activities, diving enthusiasts tend to opt for the best scuba gear available on the market. This typically applies to everything from scuba tanks and air regulators to wetsuits, fins, and diving masks.

In their on-land lives as well, scuba divers generally appreciate higher-end products, such as those found at Royal Design or at similar upscale retailers. With a host of new discounts offered each week, Royal Design caters specifically to the tastes and needs of the more adventurously-inclined shopper.

From steel-based bar stools and stylish rugs to glazed coffee mugs and ceramic bowls, Royal Design is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to furnish their home under the inimitable scuba lifestyle.

You Only Live Once

A taste for the high life doesn’t only apply to scuba divers, but to anyone who strives to live for the day, ‘carpe diem’, and needs fun and adventure regularly.

That’s why skiers, surfers, skydivers, and bungee-jumpers (and anyone else who enjoys pushing the limits) will always find something at Royal Design with which to equip their home or workspace.

Top-Drawer Scuba Diving Gadgets

Scuba diving is among the best adventures for those who love the waters and marine life. For the average scuba diving trip, divers need the basic clothing and the right gear for scuba diving. In this article, find three top-drawer gadgets and equipment that will make the next scuba diving trip a remarkable one.

Underwater Camera

Not everyone can dive, but everyone would love to catch a glimpse of what is under the waters, from the marine life to the physical features. With an underwater camera, divers can come back with raw footage of what’s under the water. GoPros are among the best underwater camera brands. They can shoot 4K video, and offer simple operation.

Underwater Metal Detector

Treasure hunting has shifted from the ground to the waters. Some of the biggest treasures, including a $27,000 golden ring, have been found in the waters, using underwater metal detectors. For divers who want to try their luck, these gadgets can be great companions. On the market, there are some cheap models designed to pinpoint the location of metals, and specialty metal detectors with complex worksystem that offers high accuracy in detecting metals.

Underwater Propulsion Unit

As the name suggests, this is a scuba diving accessory that helps divers to move in water more swiftly. Some of the best underwater propulsion gadgets can hit speeds of up to 2mph / 3.2kph. For those who want to venture into a whole new snorkeling and shallow water diving experience, these are for you.

The above are some of the best gadgets to invest in as a scuba diving enthusiast. Other great investments include personal submarines, and underwater robots, among others.

Essential Diving Clothing to Wear

When going out for diving adventures, most people focus only on gear and equipment. But the clothing aspect of it is also essential. In this article, we have shared with you the necessary clothing you will need for your upcoming diving adventure.


For casual diving, you can choose to either go out in a swimsuit or a bikini; don’t go diving in those funny shorts or your ordinary bra. Look out for the top sportswear brands such as Aimn that offer high-quality swimwear, as well as sports bras that you can wear comfortably, and confidently when diving. If you are going for scuba diving, get the appropriate scuba diving drysuits, skin and rash guards and gloves if necessary.


You won’t be diving or staying in the water all the time. When it’s time to relax, you will need a jacket or a storm poncho to shield you from the cold wind. You can also consider tagging along with an extra pair of leggings or shorts for basking in the sun after you are done with the session. But if the weather is hot, a t-shirt will just be enough.

The above two are crucial apparel to carry alongside the diving gear when going for a diving adventure. You can also take a hat to protect your skin from the scorching sun.

What equipment will I need to learn to dive?


Anyone who is going to take up diving as a hobby will need to purchase the right gear for the job. When taking lessons, it is possible to use the schools equipment but not in all cases. Once certified then every diver will need their own equipment that is a personalised to ensure the best fit. Any local PADI dive shop can help with this.

The basic equipment for exploring the underwater world is

  • Snorkel
  • Mask
  • Fins

For open water diving the equipment needed includes

  • Regulator
  • Dive computer and/or planner
  • Buoyancy control device
  • SCUBA tank
  • Wetsuit and/or Drysuit
  • Weight System

The equipment used also depends on the conditions of the dive site, this can vary between

  • Cold water SCUBA diving equipment
  • Tropical SCUBA gear
  • Temperate SCUBA gear
  • Technical Diving SCUBA equipment

It is important for divers to use their own equipment as soon as possible as it is fitted especially for them, therefore it is more comfortable to use. Comfort also helps with confidence. If a diver is more confident when diving, they are less likely to panic and get into trouble if something should not go according to plan.

Family Friendly Adventure Holidays


Adventure holidays sound great but for those who have children they can be very difficult, particularly when planning activities. However, there are some adventure holidays that have activities that are suitable for all the family.

Kids can learn about animals and conservation on a safari. Consider a trip to South Africa but opt for a smaller national park than Kruger. In Kwazulu Natal there are a number of different parks where kids can get close to animals without dealing with the crowds.

A camping trip in America’s south-west is also a good option. Kids love the basic nature of camping as it is a very different way of living. Taking the trip in a small group gives the opportunity to visit no less than five national parks. Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and the Valley of Fire could all be on the list of destinations. Water sports and horse riding are options when it comes to activities.

Embracing another culture is a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination and this can be done in Sri Lanka. Kids get to visit World Heritage sites as well as elephant orphanages. Trips can be taken with a personal guide and sites that are worth a visit include the tea plantations and the national parks.

A trip to Iceland is one that no member of the family will ever forget. Winter is a great time to visit. The thermal hot springs, geysers and mud pools are a big draw for tourists but not as big a draw as the Northern Lights. This natural light show is spectacular and once seen, it is never forgotten. Iceland also has plenty of museums where the kids can learn more about the history of this fascinating country.

Best Adventure Holidays in the USA


A trip to the USA is always an exciting one but there are plenty of ways in which it can be made more exciting. Adventure holidays are a good way to explore the country and get that all-important adrenaline rush at the same time.

Rafting in the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the must-see sites in the USA and the breath-taking views are one of the things that feature high on the bucket lists of many people. A rafting trip down the Colorado River is a fun-filled adventure. The starting point is at Lee’s Ferry and those who take part in the five or six day trips will be camping at various points along the way. Some people will terminate the rafting trip after spending the night at Phantom Ranch so that they can hike for around 10 miles to get out of the canyon or continue along the river and raft all the way down to Diamond Creek.

Hiking in the Zion National Park
This Utah national park is filled with options for those who want to go hiking. One of the most popular trails here is the 16 mile trail along the Virgin River Canyon. The canyon walls can be as high as 2000 feet here and at some points the walk is actually through the river. In some places the water can be waist high. Getting an up to date weather forecast is a must for those who want to avoid getting caught in a flood.

Cycling Glacier National Park
Cycling in Montana’s Glacier National Park is something that should be planned very carefully. Cyclists are not permitted on the highway until the evening. The road sticks close to the cliffs. The best views come from the points on the highway where people are actually above the tree line.

Climbing Mount Rainier
In the state of Washington stands Mount Rainier, a mountain that stands more than 14,000 feet high. It can be seen from more than 100 miles away. It is highly recommended that those who want to climb it do so with a group. It is also recommended that it should be done over a period of several days, to give the climbers the opportunity to adapt to the altitude. This is definitely one for the more experienced climber.

Best Adventure Holidays in Europe


A trip to Europe is always an exciting time, particularly for those who choose to do something a little difference instead of the usual tourist activities. From hiking to white-water rafting, there is something for every adrenaline junkie here.

Horse-riding in Turkey
The region of Cappadocia in Turkey was once referred to by the Persians as ‘the land of beautiful horses’. The region is home to wild mountain ponies and the landscape is ideal for those who want to spend a little time exploring on horseback. Tourists who want to explore this way can find themselves cantering along the valley floors and exploring the remote villages. On a horse-riding holiday here, tourists can find themselves camping in tipis and spending hours each day in the saddle.

Walking the Via Dinarica in the Balkans
The Via Dinarica is a 1000km trail that runs from the Dinaric Alps in Slovenia through Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania, finally finishing up in Macedonia. There are different rails that can be used. The White Trail runs through the high mountains while the Green Trail is considered to be ideal for cyclists. The Blue Trail takes in the Dalmation Coast and is thought to be the easiest of the three. Tourists can follow the trail alone or take one of the guided tours.

Sea kayaking in Estonia
The Baltic coast of Estonia is a very unspoilt part of the country. There are more than 1500 islands here and many of these were used for military testing in the 1950s by the Russians. These days they have become wildlife havens and visitors can go from one to another by kayak. Group trips are often the best option as they come with a guide. There is also the option to do a little scuba diving on some trips.

Mountain hiking in Slovakia
Mountain hiking is not for the faint-hearted but it makes for a great adventure holiday. There are lots of different mountain ranges in Europe but for those who want to avoid the expense of areas such as the Alps, the High Tatra mountains in Slovakia are a great option. These mountains create a border with Poland and there are many impressive peaks as well as green valleys and calm lakes. Trips here can be taken independently but there are guided tours that could prove to be a great option for those who want to meet new people. However, the walking is for a minimum of eight hours each day and everyone has to carry their own backpack!

Diving in Paradise: Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao is the most popular diving destination in Thailand. The name, Koh Tao, can be literally translated as the aptly named ‘Turtle Island’. The island itself has pristine white sandy beaches, tropical palm trees, impressive limestone cliff backdrops, sunsets to die for and crystal-clear waters essential for a truly unforgettable diving experience. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand just North of two other beautiful islands, Koh Samui and Koh Phangnan. People flock to this region from all over Asia to soak up the mystical Thai culture, enjoy the world-famous parties and yoga retreats of Koh Phangnan, the fantastic array of spicy authentic Thai cuisine, and of course, the breath-taking diving sites of Koh Tao. To learn more from a first person perspective, you can checkout this article written about it in the Huffington Post – very informative.

Diving Course

Koh Tao has the second largest number of dive certifications per year in the world; a big reason for this is because of how affordable it is compared to other diving destinations. There are about 60 dive shops on the island that provide the PADI certified Open Water Diver course. You will start off with the Knowledge Development part of the course by learning the basic principles of scuba diving, which can either been done in the classroom or online. You will then progress to the Confined Water Dives conducted in a swimming pool in a controlled environment. Finally, you will be allowed to develop the skills you have learnt doing Open Water Dives with fully qualified PADI instructors who will be keeping a watchful eye over you.

What to Expect to See

Once you have become PADI certified you will then have the freedom to go off and explore all the incredible sea-life, coral reefs and underwater treasure – including a shipwreck – that lie hidden from sight in the depths of these warm, sapphire blue waters. The best time for scuba trips is from March to June, when the weather is hotter and drier. As the island’s name suggests, one of the most frequently spotted aquatic animals is the sea turtle. Some other creatures you are likely to see are reef sharks, whale sharks, triggerfish, seahorses and jellyfish, and if you are really lucky you may even come across whales, dolphins, barracuda or octopus. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, and it really is an incredible experience to swim with these majestic creatures. Koh Tao is one of the few places you will ever have the opportunity to be right there with them in their natural environment.

If people have any prior medical conditions, it is always wise to check with a doctor first before committing to a scuba diving course. You can find a doctor online by following this link. Always remember, safety must come first.

Please fill in the contact form which can be found here if you want to get in touch.

Adventure Holidays in Asia


There comes a time when everyone is looking for a holiday with a difference and this is why adventure holidays could be the answer. Asia is a continent that is fast emerging as a great place for activity holidays and here are just a few that should be on anyone’s wish-list.

Kayaking in Papua New Guinea
Officially Papua New Guinea belongs to Australasia but it is very close to south-east Asia. Head to Tsoilik, a place that can only be reached with the help of a sea kayak. You set out from New Ireland and this is a place where visitors will truly feel as though they on their own. There are some guides but they aren’t available all the time. The kayaking trip covers 30 miles and when visitors arrive they find that there are only a few locals on the island. However, once here there is plenty to see and do. The wreck of a Japanese battleship lies just off the coast and this is a big attraction for snorkelers.

Monsoon snake-hunting in India
While this may not sound like everybody’s dream holiday, there is a guided trip in India to spot snakes. Lead by an expert in reptiles and amphibians, the trip takes visitors through the Western Ghats in southern India. The trip involves trekking through the mountains and jungle to see a wide variety of the creatures. The tour is part of the conservation work that is being done to save many of these rare creatures.

Cross-island Cycling in Sri Lanka
Any cycling enthusiast will love the sound of this trip to the island of Sri Lanka. The route will take you right across the island, through jungle and paddy fields as well as through the Knuckles Mountains. Stop at one of the tea plantations along the way or visit a temple or two. Spend the last couple of days relaxing at the beach before heading home.

Hiking in Nepal
Walking holidays are always a great choice for those who want to be active without risking life and limb. They are also a great choice for those who want to take the environment into consideration. Try a trip through the Sailung Valley just to the east of Kathmandu. These trips are designed to meet the needs of the walker so at times when only a short walk is needed that can be arranged.

Cruise along the Ganges in India
There are now more options for cruising along the Ganges thanks to the use of new boats that can cope with the shallower waters that are seen in parts. Now tourists can cruise along sections such as Varanasi. The trip will visit sites such as palaces and Moghul forts. There may also be the opportunity to spot one or two of the river dolphins.