Remember Your Diving Trip with Exotic Plants

Those who enjoy the thrill of adventurous trips offered by opportunity to dive in exotic destinations have the chance to make some great memories. However, it can be nice to have a more physical reminder of these vacations. One thing that far-flung locations often have in common is their extensive floral species, some of which are unique. Unfortunately, due to import regulations, it’s not possible to bring any plants back with you.

Growing Exotic Plants at Home

You may not be able to find the exact species that you saw on your diving trip, but specialist nurseries will have a good selection of exotic plants to choose from. If you struggle to identify some of them, you can download the Getplanta app to help you. By simply taking a photo of the strange plant, Planta will be able to tell you what it is and even how you should care for it. Another use of the app is to set reminders so that you know when watering is due.

Consider the Lighting in Your Home

Many of the best diving locations are in hotter and sunnier parts of the world, and the plants that grow there prefer those conditions. If your home has less light or rooms without windows, you can use the Light Meter from the Planta app to decide on what species to grow. One example is the beautiful orchid which will grace any home with its delicate appearance. These can be difficult to grow, so you need to set a reminder on your Planta app when fertilization is necessary.

Problems with Exotic Plants

By their very nature, exotic plants can be subject to disease or other problems. Amateur gardeners need not worry about this, as the Dr Planta feature can quickly identify the problem and suggest a solution. It could be something as simple as needing re-potting, and in the future, you can set reminders on your app so as not to miss this critical aspect of looking after exotic plants. The Planta website also has lots of helpful care information.

Booking Your Next Trip

As an adrenaline seeker, you will no doubt be in a hurry to book your next diving trip. However, you will have to arrange with family or neighbors to come and look after your plants while you are away. You should encourage them to download the Planta app so they won’t forget to water your exotic species. And remember to take your phone with you so that you can use the Planta app to identify any exciting flora in your chosen destination.

Undergoing Augmentation Before A Diving Trip

Before taking a diving trip, preparation is key. All good divers should know this. Being prepared does not just involve checking gear and conditions. It also means ensuring the diver is ready for the water themselves. Sadly, some women do not feel confident enough to dive due to their body shape. If this is the case then they could benefit from breast augmentation. This is available from Motiva. Their service will benefit divers in a number of different ways.

Getting Expert Medical Advice

Divers may feel put off by the concept of augmentation because they are unsure if it is medically safe for them. They can explain their concerns to the experts at Motiva who will give them plenty of advice. The early stages of the service involve talking to these people and discussing what kind of body the diver desires. A plan can then be drawn up of how to achieve it.

An Unparalleled Safety Record

If safety is the main concern of the diver then they will not have to worry when they opt for Motiva augmentation. Their modern implants are designed with the wellbeing of the patient being the top priority. Clients can even sign up warranties against rupture which cover the lifetime of the implant. This means the person can go diving with the peace of mind knowing that their procedure will not affect their health.

Having The Best Swimsuit Fit

One of the main reasons why women choose implants is so that their clothes fit in a more flattering way. Divers may choose to wear bikinis in warmer waters. Professional augmentation services will ensure that they look as good as possible in this type of revealing clothing. These procedures also work well for women who want to instead wear tight wetsuits.

Being Comfortable Enough For Photo Ops

The ocean is a beautiful place that is filled with places ideal for photo ops. Unfortunately some women may not feel comfortable in these pictures because of the way that they look. There is no reason why they should miss out. If their body shape impedes their self esteem to the point that they avoid cameras then augmentation may be a viable solution.

Gaining Back Confidence

People do not just opt for breast implants for physical reasons. There are psychological benefits to these procedures as well. Diving requires the person to have a high level of confidence. They need to have faith in their swimming skills. If the diver knows they look fantastic it will tend to boost their overall confidence level. This can encourage them to push themselves and perfect their diving abilities.

Choosing Diving Destination

If you are looking for an adventure trip that will involve diving, you must get the destination right. There are numerous options to choose from depending on how far you are willing to go. The process of settling for one diving destination is not easy.

How to Choose Where to Go For Diving

  • Go for more than diving experience: as much as diving should be among your core reasons for going for the trip, it should not be the only thing to consider. Go for a destination where you can engage in other adventurous activities such as snorkelling and boating.
  • Consider Weather: Weather plays a big role in whether you will have fun during your trip and how safe you will be. For instance, going to Norway’s fjords for a dive can be a life-changing experience, but it is not wise for divers to go during summer or spring. This is because the melting ice that rolls from the mountain interfere with visibility. Do not dare to dive if you could be putting your life in danger. Do your research and talk to experts.
  • Check reviews: Look at highly rated diving destinations and consider adding them to your bucket list. A word of caution is that you must know the diving level needed for every destination. Do not book just for the sake of it.
  • Source for recommendations: Join groups of people who are passionate about diving and ask them to give you their recommendations. You should also ask diving instructors to give you a list of some of their highly-rated diving destinations.

Before you start your journey, come up with a budget so that you know how possible it will be for you to get to some destinations especially if you have to travel abroad. Again, be sure of your diving skill and not risk your life while seeking adventure.

Why Scuba Diving Should be in Your Bucket List

There is no feeling that comes close to being surrounded by a sea of water, floating as getting immersed into a world away from home. That is what scuba diving does to you. It transfers you to a world of the unknown; a world you have never visited before. If you have been wondering if going for a scuba diving adventure is worth it; the answer is Yes! You should definitely have it in your bucket list. Some of the reasons why you should consider scuba diving at least once in a lifetime.

Beauty Beyond Description

The landscape that lies underwater is indescribable. The colour, unique plants you have never seen, different types of fish and sea creatures are among the things that you will encounter when you go scuba diving. People who go under the water for the first time always come up and say they are lost for words and cannot describe the beauty that lies beyond. Try it and see for yourself.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Many people are struggling with different life situations that make them feel stressed and overwhelmed. Most of them have to resort to taking medication to control the lingering depression. Going for scuba diving and letting your body float and feeling the water surround you gives a beautiful feeling that will make you forget, even if temporarily, the things that worry you.

Lower Risk

Even though diving is considered to be an adventure sport, it is low risk compared to others like sky jumping. For people who want to get into adventure sports but are afraid of the high adrenaline, starting with skydiving is a good way of easing into the experience. Moreover, there are always people around the sea who can dive in and save the divers.

Opportunity For Career

Did you know that you can turn a diving hobby into a career? If you become an expert, you can seek employment opportunities in areas like research, scuba diving, becoming a tutor, among others. As long as you are diligent and passionate, you can become any of this and other more careers if you put your heart into it.

Hobbies That Are Real Adventures

Anyone that wants to fill their spare time by doing something exciting will often look at what they can take up as a hobby. For some, they may want something that will allow them to spend more time outdoors. For them, they may want to consider some scuba diving. Then for others, they prefer something that they can enjoy around the home. For those in this category, they may want to make decorating and accessorizing their home a hobby.

Home Decorating Tips

For those who are passionate about decorating and accessorizing their home, the first thing they are going to want to do is to source out some great resources like Royal Design which will not only provide them with all the items they need but will spur their creativity. Aside from this, there are additional resources that can be used to collect some exciting ideas.

Some additional tips are:

  • Proper Planning: To avoid confusion starting with a detailed plan of how each room is going to be decorated and accessorized will help keep everything organized. Plus it will allow continuity from one room to another. Most people who are into the hobby of home decorating and accessorizing like to develop a theme.
  • Setting A Budget: Another important step to make sure that a budget is set for any project that is going to be undertaken.

Scuba Diving Tips

For those who have made the decision to go with scuba diving as their hobby, they will first want to do some research to determine if this is the right choice for them. It should begin by checking out what is available to them in their area. Although there are some who like to reserve this hobby for the times that they are taking holidays in different regions.

For beginners taking proper lessons and making sure the right equipment is purchased is something else to consider.

No matter which hobby is chosen, they are both capable of providing some exciting adventures. There is nothing to say that anyone has to limit themselves to one or the other. There is no reason why they can’t enjoy both.

Finer Things; the Scuba Lifestyle

Adventurous people are attracted to scuba diving because it lets them plumb the depths of the ocean, interact with exotic marine life, and test the limits of their physical endurance. But there is also a particular lifestyle associated with scuba diving, characterised by an appreciation for the finer things life has to offer.

Upscale Interior Décor from Royal Design

Due to the exacting nature of most scuba activities, diving enthusiasts tend to opt for the best scuba gear available on the market. This typically applies to everything from scuba tanks and air regulators to wetsuits, fins, and diving masks.

In their on-land lives as well, scuba divers generally appreciate higher-end products, such as those found at Royal Design or at similar upscale retailers. With a host of new discounts offered each week, Royal Design caters specifically to the tastes and needs of the more adventurously-inclined shopper.

From steel-based bar stools and stylish rugs to glazed coffee mugs and ceramic bowls, Royal Design is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to furnish their home under the inimitable scuba lifestyle.

You Only Live Once

A taste for the high life doesn’t only apply to scuba divers, but to anyone who strives to live for the day, ‘carpe diem’, and needs fun and adventure regularly.

That’s why skiers, surfers, skydivers, and bungee-jumpers (and anyone else who enjoys pushing the limits) will always find something at Royal Design with which to equip their home or workspace.

Top-Drawer Scuba Diving Gadgets

Scuba diving is among the best adventures for those who love the waters and marine life. For the average scuba diving trip, divers need the basic clothing and the right gear for scuba diving. In this article, find three top-drawer gadgets and equipment that will make the next scuba diving trip a remarkable one.

Underwater Camera

Not everyone can dive, but everyone would love to catch a glimpse of what is under the waters, from the marine life to the physical features. With an underwater camera, divers can come back with raw footage of what’s under the water. GoPros are among the best underwater camera brands. They can shoot 4K video, and offer simple operation.

Underwater Metal Detector

Treasure hunting has shifted from the ground to the waters. Some of the biggest treasures, including a $27,000 golden ring, have been found in the waters, using underwater metal detectors. For divers who want to try their luck, these gadgets can be great companions. On the market, there are some cheap models designed to pinpoint the location of metals, and specialty metal detectors with complex worksystem that offers high accuracy in detecting metals.

Underwater Propulsion Unit

As the name suggests, this is a scuba diving accessory that helps divers to move in water more swiftly. Some of the best underwater propulsion gadgets can hit speeds of up to 2mph / 3.2kph. For those who want to venture into a whole new snorkeling and shallow water diving experience, these are for you.

The above are some of the best gadgets to invest in as a scuba diving enthusiast. Other great investments include personal submarines, and underwater robots, among others.

Essential Diving Clothing to Wear

When going out for diving adventures, most people focus only on gear and equipment. But the clothing aspect of it is also essential. In this article, we have shared with you the necessary clothing you will need for your upcoming diving adventure.


For casual diving, you can choose to either go out in a swimsuit or a bikini; don’t go diving in those funny shorts or your ordinary bra. Look out for the top sportswear brands such as Aimn that offer high-quality swimwear, as well as sports bras that you can wear comfortably, and confidently when diving. If you are going for scuba diving, get the appropriate scuba diving drysuits, skin and rash guards and gloves if necessary.


You won’t be diving or staying in the water all the time. When it’s time to relax, you will need a jacket or a storm poncho to shield you from the cold wind. You can also consider tagging along with an extra pair of leggings or shorts for basking in the sun after you are done with the session. But if the weather is hot, a t-shirt will just be enough.

The above two are crucial apparel to carry alongside the diving gear when going for a diving adventure. You can also take a hat to protect your skin from the scorching sun.

What equipment will I need to learn to dive?


Anyone who is going to take up diving as a hobby will need to purchase the right gear for the job. When taking lessons, it is possible to use the schools equipment but not in all cases. Once certified then every diver will need their own equipment that is a personalised to ensure the best fit. Any local PADI dive shop can help with this.

The basic equipment for exploring the underwater world is

  • Snorkel
  • Mask
  • Fins

For open water diving the equipment needed includes

  • Regulator
  • Dive computer and/or planner
  • Buoyancy control device
  • SCUBA tank
  • Wetsuit and/or Drysuit
  • Weight System

The equipment used also depends on the conditions of the dive site, this can vary between

  • Cold water SCUBA diving equipment
  • Tropical SCUBA gear
  • Temperate SCUBA gear
  • Technical Diving SCUBA equipment

It is important for divers to use their own equipment as soon as possible as it is fitted especially for them, therefore it is more comfortable to use. Comfort also helps with confidence. If a diver is more confident when diving, they are less likely to panic and get into trouble if something should not go according to plan.

Family Friendly Adventure Holidays


Adventure holidays sound great but for those who have children they can be very difficult, particularly when planning activities. However, there are some adventure holidays that have activities that are suitable for all the family.

Kids can learn about animals and conservation on a safari. Consider a trip to South Africa but opt for a smaller national park than Kruger. In Kwazulu Natal there are a number of different parks where kids can get close to animals without dealing with the crowds.

A camping trip in America’s south-west is also a good option. Kids love the basic nature of camping as it is a very different way of living. Taking the trip in a small group gives the opportunity to visit no less than five national parks. Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and the Valley of Fire could all be on the list of destinations. Water sports and horse riding are options when it comes to activities.

Embracing another culture is a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination and this can be done in Sri Lanka. Kids get to visit World Heritage sites as well as elephant orphanages. Trips can be taken with a personal guide and sites that are worth a visit include the tea plantations and the national parks.

A trip to Iceland is one that no member of the family will ever forget. Winter is a great time to visit. The thermal hot springs, geysers and mud pools are a big draw for tourists but not as big a draw as the Northern Lights. This natural light show is spectacular and once seen, it is never forgotten. Iceland also has plenty of museums where the kids can learn more about the history of this fascinating country.