Underwater Photography

Photography can be an exciting experience, especially with the modern developments in technology which have led to the designing of high-resolution cameras. Avid and experienced lensmen and documentarians have pushed the quality bar a notch higher, with cutting-edge photography pieces that capture the amazing underwater environment for you. Underwater photography can be done when someone is scuba diving, or with specialised cameras while on the surface of a large water body, like a lake or an ocean. In some instances, there are remotely operated vehicles which have been designed to take photos of underwater surfaces. The advancement in the photography profession has also seen the designing of automatic cameras, which can be mounted on lower water surfaces, to capture the needed pictures.

Getting The Best Underwater Images

Underwater reflection of beautiful trees

Underwater photography is of exceptional importance to different categories of people. It could be historians, archaeologists, investigators, or curious paparazzi out to satisfy their spirit of adventure. For the scientists interested in new or unique breeds of fish and the gamut of marine mammals, underwater photography provides a much-needed learning opportunity. In some instances, investigators also rely heavily on underwater photography to study shipwrecks, such as the ones that resulted from the Maersk Lima accident in Buenos Aires. Visit movon.com for some of the spectacular images that have been captured in underwater experiences.

Barbara Cole Fine Underwater Photography

If you are a fashion or photography enthusiast, perhaps you have heard about Barbara Cole, who started her impressive career as a leading fashion photographer for the famed Toronto Sun Magazine. From the early 1990s, Cole has diversified her photography collection and has now permanently settled on underwater photography. This amazing ‘wet world’ photography by Barbara Cole
covers collections which range from sportswear captions for top brands like Gravis to fine art pictures.