Adventure Holidays in Asia


There comes a time when everyone is looking for a holiday with a difference and this is why adventure holidays could be the answer. Asia is a continent that is fast emerging as a great place for activity holidays and here are just a few that should be on anyone’s wish-list.

Kayaking in Papua New Guinea
Officially Papua New Guinea belongs to Australasia but it is very close to south-east Asia. Head to Tsoilik, a place that can only be reached with the help of a sea kayak. You set out from New Ireland and this is a place where visitors will truly feel as though they on their own. There are some guides but they aren’t available all the time. The kayaking trip covers 30 miles and when visitors arrive they find that there are only a few locals on the island. However, once here there is plenty to see and do. The wreck of a Japanese battleship lies just off the coast and this is a big attraction for snorkelers.

Monsoon snake-hunting in India
While this may not sound like everybody’s dream holiday, there is a guided trip in India to spot snakes. Lead by an expert in reptiles and amphibians, the trip takes visitors through the Western Ghats in southern India. The trip involves trekking through the mountains and jungle to see a wide variety of the creatures. The tour is part of the conservation work that is being done to save many of these rare creatures.

Cross-island Cycling in Sri Lanka
Any cycling enthusiast will love the sound of this trip to the island of Sri Lanka. The route will take you right across the island, through jungle and paddy fields as well as through the Knuckles Mountains. Stop at one of the tea plantations along the way or visit a temple or two. Spend the last couple of days relaxing at the beach before heading home.

Hiking in Nepal
Walking holidays are always a great choice for those who want to be active without risking life and limb. They are also a great choice for those who want to take the environment into consideration. Try a trip through the Sailung Valley just to the east of Kathmandu. These trips are designed to meet the needs of the walker so at times when only a short walk is needed that can be arranged.

Cruise along the Ganges in India
There are now more options for cruising along the Ganges thanks to the use of new boats that can cope with the shallower waters that are seen in parts. Now tourists can cruise along sections such as Varanasi. The trip will visit sites such as palaces and Moghul forts. There may also be the opportunity to spot one or two of the river dolphins.