Divers Agree to Underwater Conditions

Taking a deep dive into the ocean opens up a whole new world of adventure. From miniature sea creatures to sea plant life, the landscape is a completely different experience from walking on land. Fortunately, professionals are available to safely guide newbies through underwater experiences. By using contract management software from https://precisely.se/, guides manage diving agreements to ensure customer safety and outline terms of service. Here are four contract clauses a diving agreement may contain.


Under the conditions clause, the agreement outlines terms of service. Content clarifies where the dive takes place, which company is providing the services, and what the customer may expect during the dive experience. It also details the rules divers must follow while following the guide’s instructions. Terms protect the business from uncertainty or misunderstandings. Since diving services are open to the public, terms and conditions are helpful in explaining how the service works and what to expect while diving.


Payment terms offer customers the types of payments a diver may accept. While some outfits accept cash, and others take credit cards or checks. Recently, digital wallets and platforms are creating new ways to pay. In fact, new technology allows those taking diving lessons or experiencing diving on a group tour the option of paying using smartphone technology. The agreement will spell out all the payment options available for a particular diving company.

Limits on Liability

While diving is generally safe, accidents do occur. Eighty per cent of diving deaths are due to drowning and a quarter are related to heart conditions. For instructors and guides, it’s important to ensure that the client understands there are risks involved. By signing a release or limitation on liability, the customer assures the guide that he understands the risks and will not hold the guide responsible unless negligence is involved.

While diving is exciting, it is a business. Diving equipment suppliers, instructors, and guides use contract management software to ensure that all parties understand the obligations and risks involved with diving in the water. After signing the agreement, the divers are free to explore the sea, safely following the terms outlined in the contract.