Why Divers Are Ditching Smoking for Nicotine Pouches

Diving in the deep waters is undoubtedly exhilarating and adventurous. From a diver’s perspective, exploring the mesmerizing beauty underwater requires focus, physical fitness, and mental clarity. Alive to these demands, some divers have always sought coping mechanisms, such as smoking, to get by with these demands.

For many years, smoking was synonymous with diving. But this has since changed, with nicotine pouches gaining popularity as a tobacco alternative in many parts of the world. Pouches deliver the much-needed high, similar to smoking.

Why Modern Divers Favour Nicotine Pouches

Divers find nicotine pouches appealing for many reasons. At the same time, it’s important to note that using pouches while diving is often discouraged. But here are some reasons why divers fancy nicotine pouches over smoking.

Health Considerations

Tobacco smoking comes with various risks, including lung and heart problems, which might not be desirable for a diver. As such, nicotine pouches are undoubtedly the “safer alternative” that gets the “job” done without hurting the diver’s health.

Environmental Reasons

With many diving destinations clear of their stance on environmental conservation and sustainability, smoking in these environments is sometimes discouraged or prohibited. In light of this, pouches are the real deal when you need a potent nicotine hit in these environments.