Best Adventure Holidays 2018

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Have you booked your diary for that epic, and adrenaline pumping holiday escapade for 2018? If not yet, the year is still young and we are promising to cover the possible list of unusual and memorable holiday adventures. From uplifting hikes to fear-instilling swimming caves and the famed Active Galapagos series of walks, amazing boat rides, and incredible biking experiences, the choice is all yours. We are also going to update you on epic sailing adventures like the awesome ‘around Britain Sailing Adventure’ an event scheduled for April and August 2018. Treking on mystical, mountainous and vast remote areas can also be exciting. Well, this is what the much-hyped Bhutan expedition is all about. These are just a few of our 2018 holidays to take you away from that boring office or lab work. Keep reading and get to unravel the whole packages as you hobnob and globe-trot this beautiful universe.

Discover The Virgin Under Water Caves

World over, expeditions around water bodies have attracted an immense following. The beautiful aquatic flora and fauna add to the thrill of such adventurous trips. These explorations have led to historic discoveries some of which are finding a space in the archaeological Guinness Book of World Records. For instance, most recently, explorative scientists discovered the World’s longest underwater cave in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula around the Tulum City. Christened as an archaeological milestone, this flooded cave is massive and stretches an unimaginable length of 216 miles along subterranean caverns while bifurcating in magical, yet natural patterns. More to its beautiful nature, this cave presents a lot of historical learning points according to Guillermo de Anda, a lead researcher at the Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico. He argues that the cave is home to some extinct animal remains which can be traced back to indigenous Maya culture. Nevertheless, this huge discovery was not a mere coincidence, it was a reward for the concerted effort by a group of explorers from the Great Maya Aquifer Project (GAM) led of course, by the director Robert Schmittner and specialised cave divers.

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